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Welcome to Ask a House Cleaner a daily show of tips and strategies to improve your house cleaning and grow your cleaning business. Answering your questions is The House Cleaning Guru, Angela Brown.

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Sep 28, 2018

Household cleaning hacks are easy cleaning tips for the home. Household cleaning hacks are not shortcuts, but diy cleaning or tidying up on a regular basis.

Household cleaning hacks (a.k.a. housework hacks, or cleaning tips and tricks) are bits of housework any savvy cleaner does daily.

Angela Brown says easy house...

Sep 27, 2018

"Should I get a job as a janitor before house cleaning or should I get some sort of house cleaning training?"

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says being a janitor is fine. A janitor job will allow you to learn by doing (but commercial cleaning is different from house cleaning.)

If you are an apprentice under a...

Sep 26, 2018

"Can young kids have chores? How young is too young to be Mom's big helper? I know parenting includes teaching kids to pick up after themselves. But should young kids have chores or is it wrong to ask kids to help me clean?"

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says it's okay for young kids to have chores. Show kids...

Sep 25, 2018

"Hijinks? How do you know if the house cleaners that call out sick or don't show up on deep clean or move out cleans aren't pulling hijinks? I'm trying to grow my cleaning company but I have unreliable employees."

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says hijinks are real. When you have a big job and your maid is MIA,...

Sep 24, 2018

Should Airbnb's charge extra for cleaning? They do offer turnover services for each guest. And should Airbnb's charge extra for cleaning if they don't hire a housekeeper or Airbnb cleaning service?

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says Airbnb's or VRBO's can charge extra for cleaning. Airbnb hosts sign a living...